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Theranica is a medical device company based in Israel with offices in the United States. Theranica has developed the Nerivio® device for the treatment of migraine. Nerivio is a discrete, non-invasive electrical stimulator placed on the upper arm and controlled via a smartphone app. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the device offers efficacy comparable to, or greater than, current pharmaceutical therapies with fewer side-effects. These trials and several real-world, evidence studies, with thousands of patients, have also shown Nerivio to be able to be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with existing treatments.

Eligible for insurance coverage and available to patients seeking cost-effective drug-free therapies for migraine, Nerivio can be prescribed by any certified healthcare provider in the U.S. and is shipped to patients' homes through several specialty pharmacies.

Nerivio is cleared for marketing in the US and Europe for the acute treatment of migraine and received positive results in preventive treatment of migraine.

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