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Butterfly Medical 

Butterfly is a clinical-stage Israel-based medical device company developing a nitinol implantable device, delivered through a minimally-invasive technique into the prostatic urethra, to open up the prostatic urethra in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), intended to restore urinary flow and provide symptomatic relief.   

Butterfly’s anatomically shaped nitinol implant is positioned in the prostatic urethra to open the space and relieve BPH symptoms. The device comes in multiple sizes and, unlike more invasive approaches, does not require resection or burning of prostatic tissue. The procedure is generally expected to be completed in less than ten minutes in the urologist’s office. 

In a clinical trial, the device demonstrated benefits in patients suffering from BPH symptoms, with improvement in IPSS (International Prostate Symptoms Score - symptoms severity questionnaire) observed as early as two weeks after the procedure. 

​Butterfly Medical is currently completing a multi-center clinical study testing its implantable device for patients suffering from BPH. 

“We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to BPH treatment. We believe we’ve developed a simpler, safer device to complement existing therapies and offer a less invasive alternative to patients.”

- Idan Geva, CEO, Butterfly Medical

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