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Softhale is a Belgium-based company focused on respiratory disease,  currently,  focused on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), but with the potential to treat other disease states. Hundreds of millions of people are burdened with a chronic respiratory condition – the WHO estimates that 235 million people currently have asthma, and four million die prematurely from chronic respiratory disease (COPD) every year. Softhale’s vision is to create a new generation of eco-friendly medical inhalation products to improve respiratory treatments. The company is developing a proprietary hand-held soft-mist drug delivery device platform. Soft-mist inhalation combines the advantages of existing spray and powder technologies in an optimized form that enables the medication to penetrate into the deep lung.​​  


Softhale seeks to be one of the first generic or low-cost soft-mist inhalation devices to broaden access for patients and create a new treatment option for asthma and COPD. 


The company’s lead product (generic soft-mist tiotropium) has advanced to a pivotal study, and its second product (generic soft-mist tiotropium/olodaterol ) is commencing pilot studies.  


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